The Head of UGCC offers condolences to the Turkish and Syrian people for the losses caused by the earthquake.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Head and Father of the UGCC, sent condolences to the leaders of the Churches in Turkey and Syria over the losses caused by the deadly earthquake. The letters of condolence were sent to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Bishop Martin Kmetec, the President of the Turkish Bishops’ Conference, and the Catholic bishops of Aleppo, Syria.

Amid the war provoked by Russian aggression against our people, we unite with you in your pain, “assure you of our prayers for the victims of this tragedy and solidarity with your people,” follows the letter of the Head of the UGCC, sent to Patriarch Bartholomew and the Catholic hierarchy in Turkey and Syria. His Beatitude Sviatoslav assured the addressees of his prayers for the earthquake victims and all the rescue workers. “Although Ukraine has been burning for a year, we want to be with you in this difficult time of death and devastation caused by powerful earthquakes,” said the Head of the UGCC.

“Only the one who suffers can feel the pain of others,” Archbishop Martin Kmetec, Head of the Catholic bishops of Turkey, wrote in response. “In our prayers, we are always with your people, with many of your brothers and sisters who suffer senseless injustice, horrendous abuse, and death. We always pray for peace in Ukraine,” the archbishop wrote.

The UGCC Department for Information